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Renton RFA Expresses Deep Concern Over Recent Shootings

Renton RFA Expresses Deep Concern Over Recent Shootings


[RENTON, WA – May 22, 2023] – The Renton Regional Fire Authority (Renton RFA) wishes to address recent shooting incidents that occurred over the weekend, which tragically endangered our firefighters and community members.

These incidents are a sobering reminder of the volatile environments that our first responders can face while carrying out their duty to serve and protect our community. At Renton RFA, the safety of both our community members and our dedicated firefighters is of paramount importance.

Fire Chief Steve Heitman states, “It is deeply concerning to witness such events in our community. While our team has trained and prepared for all types of incidents, these situations are unprecedented, and it remains profoundly troubling each time our personnel are put in harm’s way. Our mission is to keep our community safe, and that includes our first responders. These violent incidents are unacceptable.”

In recent years, Renton RFA has made significant strides to better equip our first responders in dangerous situations. This includes the provision of active shooter training and ballistics vests. These measures make a difference in the safety of our firefighters, but the need for further progress is clear.

In response to this weekend’s incidents, Chief Heitman assured the community that, “We will continue to work closely with our local partner agencies, including local police departments, to refine our policies, procedures, and training. It is of the utmost importance to us that our teams are as prepared, and as safe as possible, when faced with these difficult incidents. Our commitment to their safety is unwavering.”

We urge the community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities. We must remain united in our vision to make Renton safer, healthier, and stronger every day.