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Fire Inspection

Fire and Life Safety Inspections


If fire code violations are discovered during a fire inspection, a re-inspection is necessary to ensure that all violations are corrected in a timely manner. Re-inspections are performed 30+ days after the initial notice of violation. We understand that not all violations can be solved in 30 days. If 30 days is not enough time to remedy the violation, owners can always request an extension in writing. Approved extensions help avoid unnecessary fees while you work to improve the safety of your business.

If at the time of re-inspection violations still exist, the inspector can charge a re-inspection fee in accordance with the Fire Fee Schedule. The Office of the Fire Marshal will continue to re-inspect the property every 30+ days until all of the violations are resolved. A second re-inspection carries a fee of $150. After the second re-inspection, all subsequent re-inspection fees, are $250 each. These fees can add up. It is best to correct violations quickly to ensure the safety of the community and limit re-inspection costs.

The fees are in place to discourage owners from ignoring fire code violations that put their staff and the public at risk. It also accounts for the continued time and resources of Renton RFA personnel as they repeatedly service the business in an effort to keep the community safe. We strive to work with businesses and building owners to make fire safety as straight forward and easy as possible for the betterment of our community.

Annual Fire Inspection Fees

Annual Inspection No cost
First Re-inspection No cost
Second Re-inspection $150.00
All Subsequent Re-inspections $250.00 each inspection
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