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This section of our website is home to our Annual Reports. Our Annual Reports contain messages from the Renton RFA Governance Board and Fire Chief, our organizational chart, service area map, fire station information, overviews from each of our divisions, a summary of our stats for the year, as well as any awards or special recognition within the organization.


We strive to provide transparency in every aspect of our operations, including our stewardship of the funds we are entrusted with by our tax payers. Below you will find our most recent annual Budget Report, as well as an overview of our budgets year-over-year.

10-Property Tax
11-Fire Benefit Charge
13 – EMS Levy
20 – FD 40 Contract
30 – Permits and Fees
40 – Investment Income
50 – EMS Services
50 – Other Revenues
10 – Salaries and Wages
20 – Payroll Tax and Benefits
30 – Supplies
40 – Services
80 – Debt Services
81 – Transfers Out

*Reflects the fire benefit charge increase for Station 15 coming into service.
**COVID-19-related overtime costs of $800,000 are reimbursable. They are budgeted as revenue and expense.