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Fire Plans Review

Fire Plans Review


The Office of the Fire Marshal is responsible for performing Fire Plans Reviews within the City of Renton. A Fire Plans Review is the process of reviewing construction plans to ensure that new construction meets fire and life safety standards set forth by the NFPA, the State of Washington, and the City. The review helps determine whether or not a building’s planned protective systems are adequate for the hazard anticipated as its occupancy, and that all local requirements are met from day one. These preventive services map out the best fire protection for each building’s unique construction and occupancy, helping keep our community safe from the start.

The Process

Fire Plans Review takes place at the Office of the Fire Marshal by our dedicated Plans Reviewer. Construction documents come in from submissions to the City of Renton and are professionally reviewed for code compliance and fire and life safety standards. We work with owners, architects, and engineers to ensure that each building meets the safety requirements set forth by the City of Renton. Once plans are reviewed and construction is complete, we perform inspections based on the occupancy hazard of the building to ensure continued safety for the members of our community.


Fire Plan Review and Inspection Fees

Value of Work Fee Amount
$0 – $249 $50.00*
$250.00 – $999.99 $50.00 plus 2% of the cost*
$1,000 – $4,999.99 $75.00 plus 2% of the cost*
$5,000 – $49,999.99 $200.00 plus 1.5% of the cost*
$50,000 – $99,999.99 $450.00 plus 1.2% of the cost*
$100,000 and above $950.00 plus .75% of the cost*
Construction Re-inspection A fee of $175.00 per hour, two-hour minimum, may be assessed if the requested inspection does not meet the approval of the inspector.
Fire Construction Permit Fee 20% of the Plan Review Fee ($75.00 minimum)

*There is a 5% technology surcharge fee applied to all plan review fees.

When in the planning stage of a new building construction, owners must go through a plan review process. Part of that process includes a Fire Plan Review, conducted by an Office of the Fire Marshal Plans Reviewer. This ensures all new construction meets specific fire code and fire and life safety standards set forth by International Fire Code and the NFPA.

Once constructed, the building must go through an initial inspection to ensure all fire protection measures laid out in the initial planning process were followed. These projects incur Fire Plan Review and Inspection fees as defined in the table to the left.

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