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Celebrating National EMS Week

Celebrating National EMS Week

It is National EMS Week from May 21st to May 27th, 2023. This is a pivotal moment to celebrate the selfless heroes in our community who work tirelessly, day in and day out, to keep us safe.

Established in 1974 by President Gerald Ford, National EMS Week is a time to recognize the lifesaving efforts of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals. This week underscores the vital role they play, dedicating their skills and passion to the health and safety of our communities.

At the Renton Regional Fire Authority, we are profoundly privileged to have such dedicated individuals in our ranks. Our firefighters, all of whom are certified EMTs, stand at the forefront of emergency medical services, offering help when it matters the most. It may surprise some to learn that roughly 80% of our emergency calls are EMS related, highlighting the immense impact these services have within our community.

In the spirit of National EMS Week, we extend our deepest gratitude. To EMS professionals across the nation, we salute your unwavering commitment, expertise, and your relentless devotion to helping others. Amid crises, your calm and capable hands bring relief and hope, often making the crucial difference between life and death.

And to our own firefighters, your dual duty as firefighters and EMTs does not go unnoticed and is testament to your exceptional dedication. Your willingness to run into the fray, whether it’s a blazing fire or a medical emergency, is nothing short of heroic. You exemplify the very essence of public service, and we could not be more proud.

As we commemorate National EMS Week, let’s bear in mind that our gratitude should extend beyond this week. Let’s keep the spirit of appreciation alive all year round.

To all EMS professionals, we thank you for your unwavering commitment to community. You are the lifeline we depend upon, and we are grateful. Happy EMS Week!