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Renton RFA Visits Renton Park Elementary

Renton RFA Visits Renton Park Elementary

Public Educator Sara Ferguson and the Station 17 C-Shift crew joined forces at Renton Park Elementary this past Tuesday to provide a fun, educational experience for their kindergarten classes. Sara has been with Renton RFA for a little over three and a half years now, and has truly honed her skills as a fire safety educator. She came equipped with her fire safety wagon full of unique tools to help our littlest community members get a firm grasp on fire safety, both in school and at home.

During the presentation, Sara helped students understand the importance of not playing with fire-starting devices, such as matches or lighters. She also helped students understand the difference between a safe fire, such as a BBQ grill or candles on a birthday cake being overseen by an adult, and an unsafe fire, such as a house fire. Students identified all of the safe exits for their classroom, as well as reviewed some safe-exit options they likely have in their own homes, in case they experience a fire in either location. She showed students a basic smoke alarm, explained how they work, and what to do if one goes off. Students practiced their “Stay low and go!” techniques by crawling through the fire safety tunnel and tapping the nearest exit. The lesson finished off with a talk and demonstration on when and how to call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.

Just as she was wrapping up, the Engine 17 showed up, ready to give students a tour of the fire engine! Shortly after, Aid Unit 17 also arrived. The Station 17 C-shift crew for the day included (in order based on the crew image below): Engineer Johnston, Firefighter O’Brien, Firefighter Hopf, Firefighter Beggin, and Lieutenant Myking. Crews discussed the ever-important topic of what each student would be for the impending holiday, as well as showed off the equipment used on the apparatus. Students each had an opportunity to sit in the fire engine too!

We enjoy every opportunity we have to partner with our local schools and provide valuable safety education, as well as an opportunity for students to make friends with their local firefighters. These experiences are rewarding and impactful for all involved. Our appreciation goes out to the Renton Park Elementary staff for welcoming us, as well as the students for their bright and inquisitive approach to the day!