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A New Stair Chair for FD CARES

A New Stair Chair for FD CARES

As a fire department providing emergency services, we continuously strive to improve our response and care for those in need. We are pleased to announce that we have acquired a powered stair chair for use in our FD CARES program. This program helps low-acuity patients with calls that are important but non-emergent in nature, and therefore do not require the response of firefighters. The program is staffed by a nurse and a social worker.

A powered stair chair is a top-of-the-line device that provides the ultimate safety and convenience when transporting patients up and down stairs. It is designed for use in buildings where traditional stretchers cannot be used, such as buildings with narrow staircases or no elevators. This stair chair is equipped with a set of electrically powered tracks that grip the stairs and glide the chair smoothly up and down, making it easier and safer for both patients and responders.

One of the most significant benefits of a powered stair chair is its easy-to-use and ergonomic design. The chair is lightweight, yet sturdy, making it easy to maneuver around tight spaces. It has a low center of gravity, which allows it to remain stable while transporting patients on stairs, and it is also equipped with a braking system to ensure safety at all times.

Another key feature of a powered stair chair is its innovative technology. This technology is a battery-powered system that provides reliable and consistent traction on stairs. It allows the chair to move up and down stairs with ease, and the battery-powered system ensures that the chair maintains a constant speed, even on inclines.

By acquiring a powered stair chair, our FD CARES program will be able to provide even better care to our community. The chair will be used to transport low-acuity patients up and down stairs safely and efficiently, ensuring that they receive the care they need. The FD CARES team works to provide a holistic approach to care, addressing both medical and social needs.

We are grateful for the support of our community, which has enabled us to purchase this new and advanced tool. The FD CARES program was the recipient of funds from both the Renton Rotary and a grant provided by Washington State L&I. A powered stair chair is an exceptional device that will help us to continue providing the highest quality of care to our community while keeping our staff safe and healthy too.

Watch the stair chair in action in our latest youtube short:

A special thank you to our FD CARES team members, Cecil and Ken, for demonstrating the use of the stair chair, as well as our Facilities Technician, Don, for playing the role of patient in this demonstration!