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2021 Open House Events

2021 Open House Events

When we held our open house events in 2019, we were excited to invite the community into our fire stations to meet our crews and get an inside look at what it’s like to work for the fire department. We had intended on holding open house events every year, but we could not have predicted what 2020 would hold for our community, or the world.

This year, we were elated at the opportunity to once again invite the community to our fire stations – especially since it had been so long since we could safely do so, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We landed on doing two open house events each weekend in October, so families from around Renton had numerous opportunities to check out the stations, tour the equipment, climb on the apparatus, and most importantly – meet our crews!

Our open house events also boasted fire and life safety education, as well as lots of fire and life safety swag, like never before! We had record attendance, thanks to the support and dedication of Renton families, parent groups, and scout groups. We extend a huge thank you to everyone who shared the event with their friends and family, as well as everyone who took time out of their day to come and say hello! It makes what we do so clear when we can see the smiling (under the mask) happy faces of the community members we are driven to serve.

Here are some photos from our open house events: