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Steps for Displaying Your Address Properly

Steps for Displaying Your Address Properly

You can help emergency responders locate your house quickly and easily by properly displaying your address and following some simple guidelines:

Use Large Numbers

Every single-family house should use numbers at least 4” high. Multiple dwellings units such as apartments and duplexes, as well as non-residential buildings should use numbers that are at least 6” high. Commercial or industrial units should be at least 15” high.

Be Visible in the Dark

Put the numbers on your house or under a light. Numbers must be a contrasting color to the background.

Be Visible from Both Directions

Numbers on your mailbox should be posted on both sides. Emergency vehicles may not arrive from the same side as a mail carrier.

Locate Near the Road

If your home is not visible from the street, post numbers so that they are clearly visible from the road.

Uncover the Numbers

Move anything that may obstruct a clear view (bushes, flower baskets, flags, etc).

Reasons to Properly Display Your Address:

  • Protection in case of an emergency. A house or business that is properly addressed allows EMS, fire, and police to find you faster.
  • Identification for utility services: phone, electric, gas, cable, and other companies rely on addresses to provide service to customers.
  • Identification for Mail Services
  • Mail, package, and other deliveries require an address.

It’s the Law!

In accordance with the City of Renton Municipal Code and the International Fire Code:

  1. The official address number must be displayed on the front of a building or at the entrance to a building which is most clearly visible from the street/road both day and night.
  2. When vehicle access is provided to the rear of commercial, industrial and warehouse buildings, the rear doors shall be marked with letters or numbers at least 4” high.
  3. Buildings consisting of separate suites with the same building address shall have their suite numbers marked so that the suites are readily identifiable, and the numbers shall be at least 1” high.

We Can’t Help You If We Can’t Find You

For more information contact the Office of the Fire Marshal at 425-276-9580.

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