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Renton RFA Helps City of Renton Distribute 20,000 Masks

Renton RFA Helps City of Renton Distribute 20,000 Masks

The City of Renton announced July 1, 2020 that they would be distributing 20,000 masks to community members on Wednesday and Thursdays throughout the month of July, while supplies last. Today marked the first day of the distribution! Renton RFA Governance Board Vice Chair and City of Renton Council Member Ruth Pérez was joined by Renton RFA Fire Chief Rick Marshall and Deputy Fire Chief Mark Seaver, as well as Inclusion and Equity consultant Benita Horn to facilitate distributing the masks.

To obtain masks, community members simply needed to drive up to the mask distribution area where they were handed two packs containing 5 masks each. There is no proof of residency required, all the city asks is that community members only drive through once to ensure everyone has an opportunity to benefit from this program.

The distribution location is at the Renton Community Center (1715 Maple Valley Hwy), and the days/times are Wednesdays from 4 PM – 6 PM, and Thursdays from 9 AM – 11 AM.

Today, the volunteers gave out 4,000 masks!!!

In addition to picking up masks via the drive through method, Renton seniors who participate in the community center’s senior lunch program will receive masks when they pick up their lunches also. No need for a special trip.

These masks are intended to help Renton community members comply with the governor’s order mandating masks be work across the state, which took effect on June 26. King County also has a similar mandate. It is also intended to help keep out community healthy and strong, when combined with other safety recommendations for combating COVID-19, such as social distancing at least six-feet apart, avoiding large group gatherings, washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth, and staying home if you feel ill.

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