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Preventing Falls – General Safety Tips

Preventing Falls – General Safety Tips

Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths, unintentional injuries, and hospital admissions for trauma. Falls can take a serious toll on  quality of life and independence. Here are a few techniques you can practice to stave off falls from your daily routine:

  • Use proper technique when lifting and carrying to avoid back injuries.
    • Separate your feet shoulder-width apart, bend at the knees, tighten your stomach muscles and lift with your leg muscles as you stand up.
    • If an object is too heavy or is an awkward shape, do not try to lift it by yourself.
  • Read directions carefully before operating power tools and other equipment.
  • Be cautious when using extension cords. To avoid tripping or falling, be sure they are properly grounded and do not drape extension cords across spans of crossing walkways.
  • Take frequent breaks while working around the house and drink plenty of fluids before, during and after to prevent dehydration.
  • Always keep a phone within reach in case of accident or injury.

Source: Virginia Orthopedic Specialists


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