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Warm Weather Warning – Be Careful of Falls from Windows

Warm Weather Warning – Be Careful of Falls from Windows

It happens every year – the weather warms up and windows are opened to let in the fresh summer breeze. While there are few things better than feeling a cool gust of wind whisk through the house on a hot summer day, it also brings with it some potential risks to keep in mind: falls from windows. It is more common than you might think and the cause of serious injury every summer.

In fact, already this year a 4-year old Clark County boy was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after a fall from a window left him with serious injuries. The boy was leaning against the screen when it gave way and he fell from the second story of his home. His mother, who was home at the time, called 9-1-1 and paramedics acted quickly to get him the medical attention he needed, as reported on The fact remains, it can happen to anyone.

Here are six tips for how to safely enjoy that summer breeze:

  1. Never rely on window screens to prevent children from falling out of a window.
  2. Keep windows closed in rooms where children play.
  3. Open windows from the top rather than the bottom when possible.
  4. If you must open windows from the bottom, open them only 4 inches or less.
  5. Move beds, cribs, chairs, tables and other furniture away from open windows.
  6. Commercial window guards are available and can be installed to prevent falls.
    • Be sure window guards have a release mechanism to allow escape in the event of a fire.

From all of us here at Renton Regional Fire Authority, we’re wishing you a safe, happy, and healthy summer!