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November Safety Tips

November Safety Tips

“Fall Back” to Standard Time

The first Sunday of November marks the official change from Daylight Savings. While turning time back one hour, fire departments across the nation ask every household to check on the condition of their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. More than simply following the slogan of “Change your Clock / Change your Battery”, we hope that someone in every household is knowledgeable about their smoke alarms. Are the alarms hardwired with battery back-up or simply battery-operated? Are the batteries 9-volt alkaline that need to be replaced at least once a year or longer-lasting lithium ones that should last up to 10 years? Does the date of manufacture on the detector’s back label indicate the unit is less than 10 years old? Have batteries been taken out of ionization detectors because of annoying nuisance alarms from cooking or shower steam? Is there at least one photoelectric detector on each level of the house or apartment? Does someone test the detectors on the first day of every month to make sure the batteries are connected? Take a minute and learn about your smoke alarm units. It could save your life!

Cooking Safety- Safety Should Be a Top Recipe for Holiday Cooking

Did you know that Thanksgiving Day is the peak day of the year for home cooking fires? Cooking equipment, most often the range or stovetop are the leading causes of home fires and injuries. As you plan your Thanksgiving menu, here are some fire safety tips to keep in mind:
• Be on alert! Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking.
• Keep anything that can catch fire-oven mitts, paper towels, curtains, wooden utensils, etc away from your stovetop.