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ITM Companies Are Essential Businesses

ITM Companies Are Essential Businesses

March 24, 2020

RE: Testing and Repair of Systems

Please feel free to forward this message to others in your company who should be aware.

Message from the Renton Fire Marshal:

As you probably watched last night, the Governor issued an Executive Order urging the public to stay home and closing non-essential critical infrastructure and businesses.  At this time the Renton Fire Marshal understands ITM companies to be a “private sector resource” that provides Fire Mitigation Activities, with the implication that these activities and companies are essential public services that should continue according Governor’s Stay at Home Order.  In Renton:

  • Continue to test and repair.  If needed you can request an extension in a specific occupancy due to public health issues or your own staffing issues and similar considerations.
  • Prioritize repair of critical deficiencies.  It remains essential to repair impaired systems and return them to function as designed.  Please give top priority to this work as you make staffing decisions.
  • Follow recommendations for your employees suggested by King County Public Health

In situations where your company or employees perceive that it may be preferable from a public health perspective to defer testing in a specific occupancy or portion of an occupancy, please know you can postpone the test and contact us to receive an extension of the compliance timeline.  Similarly, if you need an extension due to your own staffing considerations, please contact us.  Request an extension by emailing us at   Please do not submit incomplete tests to us.  Instead, please receive an extension, complete the testing, and then submit a full report.

We are grateful for the partnership with our systems testing providers in ensuring building safety despite and during the current pandemic crisis.  On behalf of the Renton Regional Fire Authority, thank you and have a safe day.