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Three Key Tips for Winter Preparedness

Three Key Tips for Winter Preparedness

Winter months can bring unpredictable weather and less than ideal conditions to your home and vehicle. When it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones, it pays to think ahead and be prepared for the unexpected. Wind, rain, and snow can cause downed trees that knock out power lines. Black ice and low visibility might leave you and your vehicle stranded. Here are a three tips to help ensure you’re ready to face the winter with confidence:

    • Build or check your emergency preparedness kits
      • Create an emergency preparedness kit with at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food and water for your home and office. Also remember supplies and food for your pets.  Kits prepared for your vehicle and winter weather evacuation go-kits are also advised. Other key items in your kits may include:
            • Flashlight and batteries
            • First aid kit
            • Utensils needed to access and eat your non-perishable food, such as a can opener or plate and fork
            • Change of clothes
            • Matches in an air-tight container
            • A blanket or sleeping bag per person
            • Cellphone, charger, and battery backup


    • Make a plan and practice the plan with your family and those who depend on you
      • In September we talked to you about creating your own Home Fire Escape Plan. But what if you have a different kind of emergency? Does your plan still apply? Make sure you consider the different types of emergencies that may occur in the winter and make adjustments to your emergency plans as necessary. Make adjustments to the plan known to your family members and practice the plan under different hypothetical scenarios.


  • Stay informed and know the weather approaching
    • Be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way.  Knowing winter weather hazards and where to find resources to prepare is vital to protecting your property and those you love.

Preparing for the unknown can be a daunting task, but there is a wealth of resources available to help make it easier. Visit for more preparedness tips for you and your family. You can also visit for more information on what to include in your emergency kits.