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Renton RFA Conducts Night Drills

If you’ve happened by Fire Station 14 in the evening, you may have noticed some activity at the training center. Our crews have been busy engaging in night-time training. They performed all manner of training, including firefighting, search and rescue, ventilation, command and control, and EMS. Why at night? Because it’s essential for our firefighters to be prepared and practice¬† performing their duties in any environment. This is just one of the many ways we diversify training to ensure our crews are well prepared to care for those in need throughout the Renton community.

This training was performed over four nights and was a multi-company drill, meaning all of our crews had the opportunity to receive this valuable experience. Below are some photos from the training. One exciting thing you’ll notice is the use of our brand new fire props. These fire props were recently purchased with a federal grant we applied for and were approved for to replace aging fire training equipment. This is an exciting development for us! Not only does it mean our crews can work with state of the art equipment, giving them the best resources to train for taking care of our awesome community – but we were able to obtain this equipment at no cost the community. BIG WIN!

We want you – our community – to know that your health and safety is always our highest priority, and that our firefighters are working night and day to ensure that our emergency calls have the most positive outcome possible for you and your family. We appreciate everything your support enables us to do every day. Without you, we would not be able to save lives and work daily to make Renton safer, healthier, and stronger. Thank you!