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Discounts and Exemptions

Discounts and Exemptions


Monitored Fire Alarm System

With a “Certificate of Service” from a licensed alarm monitoring company, owners of professionally installed fire alarm systems receive 7.5% off the normal Benefit Charge. Any letter, certificate or other form of proof of service provided by your licensed alarm company must reflect a current date of service within the past 30 days and the location address where service is being provided. Old alarm permits, billing statements, and photographs do not provide proof that the alarm is currently working and being monitored, and they cannot be accepted as proof of service.

To qualify for the alarm discount, you must provide proof of service from your licensed alarm company stating that your alarm coverage includes 24 hour monitoring of a fire alarm. Call our FBC Specialists at: 253-856-4359 to request a review.

What is a Monitored Fire Alarm System?

A monitored fire alarm system utilizes a smoke detector that it is monitored through your existing burglar alarm system. In the event of a fire, or the presence of smoke, an activation signal is sent immediately to your Central Station.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler System

Receive a 10% reduction in the Benefit Charge if you have installed an automatic fire sprinkler system.

To qualify for the sprinkler discount, please submit at least one of the following as proof of coverage:

  • A current proof of service (within the past 30 days) from your alarm company that clearly shows that automatic fire sprinklers are being monitored at the address of the building you are requesting adjustment for.
  • A copy of your fire sprinkler backflow prevention test that has been performed by a qualified sprinkler contractor or your water company within the last year stating that the test is for a fire sprinkler system at the address of the building you are requesting adjustment for.
  • A copy of your sprinkler confidence test report performed by a qualified contractor within the past year at the address of the building you are requesting adjustment for.
  • A copy of your fire sprinkler installation permit clearly showing that the installation has had its final inspection and is installed at the address of the building you are requesting adjustment for.

Didn’t receive your monitored fire alarm or automatic sprinkler system discount? Call our in-house experts at 253-856-4359 to request a review.

Agricultural Use

A discount is offered for auxiliary structures, such as barns and/or storage sheds, used in conjunction to dairy, farming, and other agricultural operations.  For the purpose of the Benefit Charge, properties used for marijuana growth, production, or processing are not considered agricultural use.

Exemptions to the Benefit Charge

  • Religious Use – Personal property or improvements to real property owned or used by recognized religious denomination or religious organization, including sanctuary, schools and educational facilities per RCW.52.26.180(1).
  • Property Not Assessed – Personal property not assessed and subject to ad valorem taxation under RCW title 84.
  • Public Schools – Public schools who pay a per student stipend are exempt from the benefit charge.
  • Entities with Contract for Service – Entities who contract for service with the RFA are exempt from the benefit charge.

Non-profits, governmental entities and school districts are not automatically exempt from the Benefit Charge.

ISO Ratings and the Fire Service

The Insurance Service Office (ISO) is a third party independent agency that provides statistical information on risk and evaluates fire department, water department and communications systems.  It rates the results on a national scale from one to ten (one being the best and highest).  According to ISO, its Public Protection Classification Program (PPC) plays an important role in the underwriting process with insurance companies.  Most U.S. insurers report that the PPC information is used in their decision-making process when deciding what businesses to cover, what coverages to offer, and what prices to charge for personal or commercial property insurance.

The Benefit Charge has helped empower our organization to make necessary enhancements to fire and life safety throughout the Renton community to improve our Public Protection Class rating from a 3 in 2018 to a 2 in 2019. With this improvement, insurance providers can provide higher discounts on annual premiums for personal and commercial property insurance.

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