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May 2022 Significant Incident Report

May 2022 Significant Incident Report

Significant Incident Monthly Summary:

  • 1695 Total Incidents (RFA Responses)
    • 1 Significant Incident
      • 1 Significant EMS Call
      • 0 Significant Fire Call
      • 0 Significant Special Ops Call
      • 18 Significant Malicious False Alarm Calls

Incident Details:

  • On Saturday, May 14th, Renton RFA responded to an EMS call for an accident/other trauma in station 12’s area in front of 922 Glennwood Ave NE #8. Renton RFA responded with Renton PD and King County Medic One and 1 aid unit, 1 engine and 1 officer rig for a total of 6 RFA personnel.  Renton PD secured the scene and units arrived to find a male in his 40’s lying on the ground on the side of the road with a gunshot to his back. E312 established Sunset command and A312 conducted patient care. B311 assumed command and Medic One units arrived on scene. Patient was placed into M5 for transport to Harborview MC. RPD is investigating.