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Legible Addresses Save Lives

Legible Addresses Save Lives

When was the last time you checked the visibility of your house number from the street? Having a legible address on your home or business could be the difference between life and death. Overgrown hedges, missing numbers, or poorly marked curbs could make it more difficult for responders to find your location in case of an emergency, especially if your location is tucked behind other homes or businesses, away from the main street. In an emergent situation, every second counts. Make sure that we can see your address easily from the street. The address guidelines below will help.


Visible addresses on homes can help firefighters find you quickly in an emergency.  We always want to be able to respond to your call for help as quickly as possible.  So help us in locating you by following our recommended guidelines for keeping your address visible.

  • Use block style numbers that are at least 4” tall on single-family residential housing.
  • Have the numbers contrast from the immediate background.
  • Be sure the address numbers are clearly visible from the street (check it out yourself).
  • Do a self-inspection and be sure all the numbers are still in place.
  • If your home is located a distance from the roadway, it is important to post the address on a fence or other structure that is easily visible from the street.
  • Maintain address numbers, by periodically checking for paint or growing bushes/shrubs that might prevent them from being clearly visible.
  • Make sure the address numbers are well lit and easily seen at night.

Just remember, we can’t help you if we can’t find you!